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“Everything is just an illusion,” he said, smiling at me. The wind on a 16-story building was cold and strong that it almost blew me off my feet. He leaned against the railing and looked at the people below. I followed.
None of them could notice us and take even a short glance.
“They don’t care about the people around them, including us. Because we are not part of their world. They go on with their lives thinking that each day is different and new but the truth is, they just go around in circles. They are bound to do certain things, and discard those that they are not made for.”
I stared at him and he returned my gaze.
“You know what? I want to be a bird. I believe I can do it. If I won’t try to fly then I wouldn’t know, right?”
He stood on the railing, tiptoed. He closed his eyes and spread his arms.
He let the wind blew him away, and fell head first.
Now, people took notice of him. He has become a part of their illusion, something that is hard to forget. Everyone below paused. Mouths were open but there was no sound. Eyes stare blank, like machines that hang from a glitch.
I wish he really became a bird in his illusion.
But in mine, he was just a rotten egg who thought he became a chick.
An now his yolk is spilling on the streets.


featured photo: Artwork by Asano Inio

Is it my fault

Is it my fault

Is it my fault for getting catcalled?
For walking on the streets, alone and silently?
For the way I dress, for being myself, expressive?
For I was born with a face that’s pretty?

Is it my fault for getting groped?
For cramming myself with people like sardines?
For when I’m around everyone I was just being friendly?
For not defending myself because I’m weak?

Is it my fault for getting raped?
For coming home late after my night classes?
For walking on dark streets because that’s the only way?
For being so defenseless against men?

…Is it a fault to become a woman?



featured image source: moscow.escapeteams.ru


For he have read the books that a few had laid their eyes on to, nobody could fathom the words he uttered nor the things he wrote. They accused him of being insane, but the truth is they lack enlightenment. Ah, who would have thought that this knowledge hoisted from the depths of the archaic would cause his destruction? He laughed, for he alone knows it well but his bravery caused his fall.



featured image source: Jonathon Fowler


When you see a woman walking gorgeously in a hallway, you think she is flaunting her dress;
But when you see a woman walking gorgeously on a street, you think she is flaunting her skin.

When you see lingerie in a store, you think they are just clothes;
But when you see lingerie owned by a woman, you think it is the woman herself.

When the woman is untouched, you see her as pure and precious;
But when the woman is touched, you see her as stained and less valuable.

When you see a naked woman in an exhibition, you call it art;
But when you see a naked woman in public, you call it crazy.



Featured photo source: pinimg.com