Our lives are unknowingly intertwined
By thin threads deeply buried by time.
They are waiting to be brought above
For all to wonder who and why.



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Boy friend

I want someone who will starstruck me
From the start that our eyes will meet.
And we will go back to our usual lives
But faces painted on each other’s mind.

I want someone who will listen to me;
Recognize my voice as I call his name;
Know the emotions in my every tone.
And stay up all night singing a lullaby.

I want someone who will ask if I’m okay;
Who will comfort instead of judge me;
Who will place the smile back in my face;
Correct my flaws if I am leading astray.

I want someone who will cry for me
Instead of me crying because I’m leaving,
Grab my hand and never let go of me:
Tell me everything just to make me stay.

I want someone who will give me rest.
When I think I am too tired of loving,
Understand that it’s not breaking up
But just going back to the way we were.



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Dim light, teary skies
Looking at me are your eyes
Ever so deep they always seem
Talking to me without its glim.

Freezing weather, cold hearts
Feeling like we’re miles apart
You touched my hands with yours
But I can’t sense any comfort.

Static land, rain showers the ground
Your voice blends with the sound
I’ve gone illiterate in reading your lips
As a high pitch overcomes it all.

Grey clouds, pictures with faded hues
I reminisce but my mind did refuse
Everything becomes a part of past
And you’re a part of it, almost all of it.

Damp streets, moist are my cheeks
After all, water does dry quick
But the people around, so the smell
Will make you remember how it felt.



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