That afternoon was lazy. The rain was strong, and the only thing left to do is to cuddle with him at the couch as we share a small cozy blanket. He clasped my left hand with his right, and his face drew closer to mine.

“What am I to you?” he asked.

“Coffee,” I answered. “You’re the first thing I ever wanted to have in the morning, and the only one that I need to keep me awake.”

He chuckled.

“What am I to you?” I asked.

“Love, you’re a heroin to me.” he said. “I can’t live without you– you always take away the pain.”



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Boy friend

I want someone who will starstruck me
From the start that our eyes will meet.
And we will go back to our usual lives
But faces painted on each other’s mind.

I want someone who will listen to me;
Recognize my voice as I call his name;
Know the emotions in my every tone.
And stay up all night singing a lullaby.

I want someone who will ask if I’m okay;
Who will comfort instead of judge me;
Who will place the smile back in my face;
Correct my flaws if I am leading astray.

I want someone who will cry for me
Instead of me crying because I’m leaving,
Grab my hand and never let go of me:
Tell me everything just to make me stay.

I want someone who will give me rest.
When I think I am too tired of loving,
Understand that it’s not breaking up
But just going back to the way we were.



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“Simon” by Marian Geadeth L. Solis, taken on May 2017

Meet our dog, Simon. He was born on the 15th of January 2015. I remember it so well because it was one of the three-days visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. By that time I was one of the cadets in our ROTC training, volunteering as one of the helpers of AFP in the Quirino Grandstand.

Days later, my father and I visited my grandmother’s house and two little pups welcomed us home – one of them was him. Ever since he was a pup, he’s very loving and  a food lover. We thought he was just a normal aspin (asong pinoy) but it turned out as he grew older and changed coat, he was a half collie breed.

He likes eating fish, and loves to welcome his family when he hears them coming home. He wags his tail wildly and would sit beside the person on the couch.

When I first tried to take a picture of him, he seemed awkward. He never looked straight at the camera whether I use my phone or DSLR. Now, it seems like he got used to it already.

By starting to take picture of him, I started to love dogs more. Fluffy fur, round eyes and moist nose – who wouldn’t love them?

Lonely Slumber

Eyes were calm like those of the demised, lips were like blooming rosebuds in the spring, skin was pallid but her cheeks were blushing, and her hair like waves of the ocean that sways with the wind.

The doll-like figure was there, sitting beside him and taking a lonely slumber, her soul was far away from reality and into the realm of her fantasy that no one ever knows. He looked at her maiden fingers – fragile hands clasped together, resting on her lap.

He was tempted to wake her up. Slowly, he reached out his fingertips and stroked her hand.

She felt the cold fingertips touched her hand. The sensation made her skin shiver as it ran through her body, awakening her senses.

At last, she slowly opened her eyes, eyelashes fluttered, revealing those crystal eyes that only he could capture.

That morning was not like any other of her mornings. Her eyes didn’t see the bright sun, but she found something brighter than that.

That day, she found the star that will only shine for her.


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