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“Cradle” by Marian Geadeth L. Solis, taken on May 2017

Does it look creepy? For me, it’s not.

A few years ago when I was still a student of this school, I used to stay here during my free time, lunch and even when I’m waiting for my service to fetch me. This four-seating table saw me grew up, and before it looked like this, those two trees were not green – they only have few leaves, enough to give me some shade and sun to give me some light while reading or writing.

It saw me cried when I broke my heart over my first love. It was when I thought our feelings were mutual, turned out that I’m the only one who had romantic feelings for him.

It saw me gained and left by friends. This is where we hang out, shared some secrets, ate together, had fights and talk nonsense.

It saw me broken. When I lost my diary somewhere near the field, only to find my precious notes scattered on the ground, flying and drawn with stupid things. I saw these girls left the place, looking at me like they didn’t know it was mine that they ruined. I still hate them for doing that to me.

It saw me left. After graduation, before my family and I left the school, I went to this place once again. I closed my eyes and felt every emotion that it absorbed from me through the ages.

Only the words thank you came out of my lips.


“Simon” by Marian Geadeth L. Solis, taken on May 2017

Meet our dog, Simon. He was born on the 15th of January 2015. I remember it so well because it was one of the three-days visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. By that time I was one of the cadets in our ROTC training, volunteering as one of the helpers of AFP in the Quirino Grandstand.

Days later, my father and I visited my grandmother’s house and two little pups welcomed us home – one of them was him. Ever since he was a pup, he’s very loving and  a food lover. We thought he was just a normal aspin (asong pinoy) but it turned out as he grew older and changed coat, he was a half collie breed.

He likes eating fish, and loves to welcome his family when he hears them coming home. He wags his tail wildly and would sit beside the person on the couch.

When I first tried to take a picture of him, he seemed awkward. He never looked straight at the camera whether I use my phone or DSLR. Now, it seems like he got used to it already.

By starting to take picture of him, I started to love dogs more. Fluffy fur, round eyes and moist nose – who wouldn’t love them?