“Muntinlupa” taken by Marian Geadeth L. Solis on June 2017

Boy friend

I want someone who will starstruck me
From the start that our eyes will meet.
And we will go back to our usual lives
But faces painted on each other’s mind.

I want someone who will listen to me;
Recognize my voice as I call his name;
Know the emotions in my every tone.
And stay up all night singing a lullaby.

I want someone who will ask if I’m okay;
Who will comfort instead of judge me;
Who will place the smile back in my face;
Correct my flaws if I am leading astray.

I want someone who will cry for me
Instead of me crying because I’m leaving,
Grab my hand and never let go of me:
Tell me everything just to make me stay.

I want someone who will give me rest.
When I think I am too tired of loving,
Understand that it’s not breaking up
But just going back to the way we were.



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