Is it my fault

Is it my fault

Is it my fault for getting catcalled?
For walking on the streets, alone and silently?
For the way I dress, for being myself, expressive?
For I was born with a face that’s pretty?

Is it my fault for getting groped?
For cramming myself with people like sardines?
For when I’m around everyone I was just being friendly?
For not defending myself because I’m weak?

Is it my fault for getting raped?
For coming home late after my night classes?
For walking on dark streets because that’s the only way?
For being so defenseless against men?

…Is it a fault to become a woman?



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For he have read the books that a few had laid their eyes on to, nobody could fathom the words he uttered nor the things he wrote. They accused him of being insane, but the truth is they lack enlightenment. Ah, who would have thought that this knowledge hoisted from the depths of the archaic would cause his destruction? He laughed, for he alone knows it well but his bravery caused his fall.



featured image source: Jonathon Fowler