It was morning…but the morning seemed to be indifferent from the night.

The fog that blanketed the earth during the dark was wiped by the strong wind and revealed clustered bodies on the ground. Blood were dried cold, eyes wide open, ready to be fed on by the hungry scavengers.
There she was lying, her body dismembered by her fall from the height that caused her demise. Flies dancing over her body and cockroaches migrated and bred in her mouth. Her white and cloudy eyes will blink or squint no more, but her mind still works like days before.
The wind brought the magic she was waiting for, a magic that seemed to be sent by a fairy. This magic touched the tip of her nose and revived her senses…
She started to breathe again.



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Dim light, teary skies
Looking at me are your eyes
Ever so deep they always seem
Talking to me without its glim.

Freezing weather, cold hearts
Feeling like we’re miles apart
You touched my hands with yours
But I can’t sense any comfort.

Static land, rain showers the ground
Your voice blends with the sound
I’ve gone illiterate in reading your lips
As a high pitch overcomes it all.

Grey clouds, pictures with faded hues
I reminisce but my mind did refuse
Everything becomes a part of past
And you’re a part of it, almost all of it.

Damp streets, moist are my cheeks
After all, water does dry quick
But the people around, so the smell
Will make you remember how it felt.



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