Forget Me

Forget me,

And the first day your eyes met mine;

Like you’ve seen the universe in it

And your world that only exists with me.


Forget me,

And my voice that echoes in your mind;

The hum I make for you was a lullaby

And my laugh that also makes you laugh.


Forget me,

And the way you sniff my fragrant hair;

The scent of my clothes you always adore

And your face moving close to my neck.


Forget me,

And the way you held my small hands –

Being careful not to break my little bones;

And trace their veins that lead to nowhere.


Forget me,

And the way our lips move against each other –

Sharing the thoughts unspeakable in words

And only “I love you” revolves around the room.


Forget me,

Close your eyes and erase me from your memory –

Never reminisce our the tragic story of you and me

So I can forget you as well and never come back.


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Girls will always be dumb in love

Okay. We know it’s mean, but it’s the truth. Girls, including me, will always be dumb in love. We know that we tend to follow our emotions rather than following what’s practical, ethical, right or what our mind dictates us. We do not listen to anyone and sometimes would go kamikaze for the sake of pleasing what’s in our hearts. Sometimes the choice is worth the folly, and sometimes it isn’t that even years have passed we still regret that decision every time we remember them.

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The girl who looked for love

She was walking alone on a road. Her eyes were looking at far away and her feet were heading to nowhere. She walked sluggishly, feeling her shoes graze against the cemented path, listening to the rustling dried leaves on the ground. Wind blew past her, and it caused the turmoil in her copper-colored hair and the frills of her skirt to dance. She fixed her hair and placed the strands behind her ears. The clouds moved away, revealing the soft light of the morning sun, stinging her eyes and caused a tear to roll down her cheeks. Continue reading The girl who looked for love